“What an extraordinarily wild, sensitive and accomplished pieced. TOTALLY beautiful. Breathtaking and full of dreams.” Audience member 
“A wonderful, magical performance. Music beautiful, enchanting alongside a fabulous production of humour and acrobatics.” Audience member
“Clever interpretations, stunning acrobatics and imaginative sets all combined to make this production work so well.” Dave Buxton, Festival Director Streets of Devizes
5 performers
40 minutes
Medium scale – 150 – 1000
Suitable for a broad audience, family friendly
English, Italian, French
Welcome to the wonderful world of Cyrano Savinien de Bergerac – an eccentricly imaginative poet and inventor who dreams of traveling to the moon. Today he has gathered an ecclectic crew from around the world to help him realise his dream. Inspired by early science fiction and the life and times of Cyrano de Bergerac, this show brings together spectacular aerial techniques, oddball characters and a steampunk inspired mechanical set to create big cinematic imagery and a  distinctively wacky world. We follow the story of Cyrano and his crew as they strive to make his impossible vision become fantastically possible. This show has toured widely in English, French and Italian to street festivals, arts festivals, music festivals and children’s festivals in cities and fields, offering a highly visible, spectacular theatrical experience, thoroughly enjoyed by a wide range of audiences.
La Voyage Fantastique Cyrano Savinien de Bergerac tells his story in 3 parts. Created as a series of short performances over a festival or event which can be seen as one story, or as individual short stories. Walkabout Roaming with his purpose built home, a fantastical mechanical contraption, Cyrano and his team roam through the crowds looking for the perfect site to take off, and just maybe picking up some extra crew members along the way.
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