What is Above?

Freely inspired from Italo Calvino’s novel “The Baron in the Trees”, this thrilling circus will enchant you and amaze you, taking you somewhere between the ground and the sky, reverie and reality.

Above is a playful, romantic fable, set in the 18th century. In this surreal tale the 12 year old son of the Baron, climbs a tree in protest at being forced to eat snails, vowing that his feet will never touch the ground again.

He spends the rest of his life in the trees and as he grows up he has adventures with bandits and pirates, falls in love, and watches the revolutionary ideas of The Age of Enlightenment unfold beneath him.

A show to thrill young and old alike, Above features astonishing and astounding performances that mix high flying aerial stunts and amazing acrobatics with hilarious knockabout slapstick and juggling.

Spec Title

Indoor, outdoor / site specific

6 – 9 performers, 1 musician, 1 technician


Indoor: 60 minutes
Outdoor/ site specific: 45 / 50 minutes


Medium scale – 200 – 1300

Suitable for broad audience, family friendly, recommended for ages 8 plus
Minimal text
English, french, spanish

Available for 2022/2023

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